About KellerNetwork

KellerNetwork offers many services. These services include computer repair, networking, security, and web/email hosting. We have been building networks since 2006 when KellerNetwork was Founded. Back then, we had only offered computer repair services. Today, our knowledge and skillset has increased to allow us to provide many, more powerful, services focusing on home and small business networks.

The solutions we have to offer is scalable to any size network. Our very own Data Center has grown more powerful, making it possible to offer the services we have today. Having our own Data Center allows us to host websites and email on our network, providing cost effective services that can't be found anywhere else. Unlike other companies, we make it a point to be at the level of our customers, not to delegate to a customer service department which is costly and not usually the best in terms of supporting our customers. This creates a new level of customer service that gives peace of mind, knowing that the person providing support has the ability to do offer solutions without seeking approval. Though the disadvantage of not have a service department available 24/7, we feel this is a better approach to providing the best service at the best prices possible.